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Risk Management

At Pleiss Sitar McGrath Gates & Ajello we are skilled in the art of avoiding litigation. This includes a review of operating systems from the ground floor of evaluating systems for the provision of hands on care to management of discovery so that recidivist litigation is discouraged. Our staff can assist your business in curtailing the drain of resources caused by litigation by developing improved processes to support facility operations and legal team oversight. Pleiss Sitar McGrath Gates & Ajello services include:

  • Assisting your staff in evaluating operating systems to identify key areas for improvement

  • Providing hands on resources to effectuate operational improvement

  • Providing educational resources to increase staff effectiveness

  • Developing and implementing uniform discovery standards and protocols for your litigation team

  • Organizing and managing complex and discovery in a cost effective manner

  • Discovery oversight to promote ongoing consistency amongst your litigation team

  • Formulating document management systems, including management of newly developing electronic discovery

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