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Pleiss Sitar McGrath Gates & Ajello has developed an array of training modules, audit tools and educational presentations with the long term care industry in mind. These training resources are targeted to address those care issues most likely to form the basis of litigation against long term care providers.



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Pleiss Sitar McGrath Gates & Ajello has compiled a variety of documents that can be customized and utilized by the long term care provider to monitoring the provision of care.



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Pleiss Sitar McGrath Gates & Ajello has designed unique medical graphics illustrating key issues frequently faced by the elderly population found in long term care facilities. Each graphic has been designed as a training tool intended to educate the population, including juries, regarding the progression of disease in the elderly.



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Pleiss Sitar McGrath Gates & Ajello has compiled links to a diverse collection of resources on topics such as aging, long term care, elder abuse and state and federal codes and regulations.


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Pleiss Sitar McGrath Gates & Ajellohas worked on publications that cover such areas as Security & Privacy and Class Action litigation. We have also created a resource that enables the user to visualize cause and effect.

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