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Law Office

  • 24/7 crisis management and event investigation before claims are filed.

  • Initial preparation and other support for maintaining up to date litigation policy manuals designed to assure consistency in representation across the defense attorneys selected for your panel.

  • Our firm provides an extra layer of “privilege” protection in a legal world where the privilege of General Counsel and Compliance Counsel is increasingly being degraded.

  • Our firm is capable of warehousing sensitive information and develop litigation libraries necessary to maintain consistency in representation.

  • Our firm offers unique litigation tools to assure that discovery responses and company / facility witness testimony is coordinated and consistent, regardless of the locale.

  • Electronic discovery expertise at an affordable cost.

  • Preparation of search warrant protocols to address potential surprise government action.

  • Flexibility to go where you need us, when you need us. Our attorneys are mobile as our office systems are designed for remote access.

  • Our firm prides itself on being a force inside any courtroom, either as lead counsel or as part of an expert support team.

  • Our firm is known for its seamless collaboration with outside attorney specialists.

Pleiss Sitar McGrath Gates & Ajello

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