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Long Term Care Defense

Long Term Care providers have faced a siege from well financed plaintiff law firms who are engaged in the pursuit of “elder abuse” litigation which unfairly drains financial resources needed to provide care to the elderly. Legislation biased in favor of aggressive plaintiff strategies has unintentionally created a windfall for the plaintiff attorney and promoted litigation which unrealistically demands perfection from an industry that courageously services a vulnerable community. More recently, plaintiffs have creatively broadened their claims into class actions.


We specialize in long term care defense. Our attorneys have a long tradition of aggressive and zealous defense of elder abuse and related claims. We are knowledgeable regarding the unique issues presented by elder abuse litigation and are among the few who have successfully represented individual providers, family owned businesses, and related corporate enterprises through all aspects of litigation, including trial, verdict and post verdict motions. Our experience encompasses all legal arenas, including class action defense. We are proud of the unique backgrounds and experience of our attorneys who are proven industry leaders in creating new responses to the broad mixture of claims brought by plaintiffs who continue to weave medical, regulatory, business, and criminal allegations into elder abuse litigation.


Our law firm is committed to the use of advanced technology systems which provide a strong strategic benefit to the management of our clients’ cases, streamline our performance of services, and enhance our ability to communicate with our clients. We are experienced in issues and challenges being faced in the area of electronic discovery. We are proud of the specialized resources we have engaged in to effectively and efficiently provide the aggressive defense required to meet all the challenges of today’s elder abuse litigation arena.

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