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Employment Law

The attorneys at Pleiss Sitar McGrath Gates & Ajello have developed a unique understanding of the challenges faced by long term care and other healthcare providers. That understanding extends well beyond the challenges of providing quality care and services. We also understand the challenges providers face as employers. The varied backgrounds of our attorneys allow us to provide critical Employment Risk Management and Defense services to long term care providers and others in the healthcare industry.


All employers benefit from periodic review of their employment policies to insure compliance with ever changing employment laws. As class action wage claims become increasingly prevalent, break, meal and over-time policies and procedures must be regularly reviewed for compliance.


Pleiss Sitar McGrath Gates & Ajello also provides around the clock legal advice to supervisors contemplating employment actions including investigating harassment or discrimination complaints, granting or denying leaves of absence, taking appropriate disciplinary action, and ultimately making the very important decision to terminate an employee.


Finally, if a claim is filed, the attorneys at Pleiss Casey Sitar & Ross are available to provide a rigorous defense. We provide advice and response to administrative claims as well as civil suits.

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